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We are dedicated to getting our patients back to their peak performance and that’s why our day-to-day practice is rooted in research and innovative, proven techniques in the field of orthopedics. We offer a full range of orthopedic services & specialties and are committed to providing our patients with the best care possible.

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Orthopedic Clinic in Independence, MO

Greiner Orthopedics is an experienced orthopedic clinic that is able to serve all age groups with bone, muscle, tendon, and joint care in Independence. Treating everything except injuries associated with the neck area, our private practice is committed to delivering exceptional patient care, combining compassion and treatment to restore your lifestyle. Our state-of-the-art orthopedic practice treats a wide range of musculoskeletal, joint, and painful bone issues. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Robert F. Greiner, II, DO, offers in-office treatments and arthritis care, as well as conservative, non-operative treatment options. It's his goal to provide the same high level of care to…

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Orthopedic Surgery

Patients choose Greiner Orthopedics for our knowledgeable, friendly staff and full body approach to orthopedic care. If you're dealing with pain or limited movement due to a sports injury, or any type of bone, joint, or musculoskeletal disorder, then our seasoned medical professionals can help. Surgeries We Offer at Greiner…

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Our Advantages & Capabilities

Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or dealing with nagging arthritis pain, we'll start with a detailed consultation to understand your symptoms and create a treatment plan. When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel like family, knowing you'll get the treatment you need in a compassionate environment. Our dedication to our community doesn't stop with our patients. We are also a committed member of the metro Kansas City area and are involved in the community by sponsoring local sports teams.

Workers Comp
Workers Comp

Our specialized physicians and providers deliver individualized, quality care to the injured employee with the goal of returning them back to work safely and quickly. We have a dedicated department that coordinates all care.

Surgery Center
Surgery Center

The use of an Ambulatory Surgery Center provides patients with a convenient day surgery center. An alternative to the hospital, our center is easily accessible, equipped with comfortable waiting rooms for family, and staffed with experienced doctors and nurses.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Your recovery, fully integrated. Whether you want to get back to the athletic field, workplace or simply your daily routine, our team of specialized therapists are passionate about helping you reach your goals.

If you're experiencing pain and wish to get back to your normal, daily routine.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment with us. During your consultation, we'll discuss problems that are preventing you from living your life fully and work to find a solution that brings you relief. Whether you wish to get back to competing in high-level athletics or seek relief from getting up and out of a seated position, we can help.

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